800 Photos from the Beatification

800 Photos from the Beatification

Over 800 high definition photos from the events in Madrid and Rome from September 27 to October 2 for the beatification of Alvaro del Portillo.

Pope Francis Beatifies Paul VI

From the Pope
Pope Francis Beatifies Paul VI

With the presence of Benedict XVI, Pope Francis beatified Paul VI, who held fast "with farsightedness and wisdom – and at times alone – to the helm...

Parental Authority

Family life
Parental Authority

A new article in the series on family education offers some ideas on how to help children manage their freedom.

An African Smile - Don Alvaro and Nigeria

Whatever my son Alvaro asked Bishop Alvaro, he got!

Mary Agbu has 9 children. She was expecting her first child Alvaro when Bishop Alvaro del Portillo came to Nigeria in 1989. She remembers vividly advice the prelate gave her and her husband for the formation of their children. She tells of some special favors received through the intercession of Alvaro del Portillo.

Don Alvaro helped my son return to God

Florence Ibekwe works in the poultry unit of the Iroto Rural Development Centre, Ogun State Nigeria. Here she tells of a favor she received thanks to the intercession of the soon-to-be-blessed Alvaro del Portillo

Message of the day

“True love means going out of oneself”

Christian cheerfulness is not something physiological. Its foundation is supernatural, and it goes deeper than illness or difficulties. Cheerfulness does not mean the jingling of bells, or the gaiety of a dance at the local hall.True cheerfulness is something deeper, something within: something that keeps us peaceful and brimming over with joy, though at times our face may be stern. (The Forge, 520)

Some people feel embittered all the time. Everything makes them uneasy. They go to sleep with a physical obsession: that this sleep, the only possible escape, is not going to last very long. They wake up with the unwelcome and disheartening feeling that they now have another day in front of them.

Many have forgotten that the Lord has placed us in the world on our way to eternal happiness. They do not realise that only those who walk on earth with the joy of the children of God will be...

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